Speck Systems capabilities in Opto-Electronics have been developed over two decades of successful Innovation and Research & Development. Speck stands apart for its uniqueness in proactively perceiving and understanding customer needs, which are captured into a product concept.

Detailed designs, engineering and prototyping are the hallmark of product development at Speck. Manufacturing and testing to stringent quality standards follows. The products so developed bear in mind ground realities and building capabilities for the near future.

Speck leverages on Dyotak Business Group’s professional bandwidth of qualified and experienced team of engineers who combine expertise in designing and developing optical or Opto-Electronics systems based on plain optics, LED’s/lasers/CCD or CMOS sensors, backed by a team specialized in precision mechanics, embedded software and application development.

The advances made in the field of Opto-Electronics at Speck are finding increasing applications in a wide spectrum of areas ranging from spatial data capturing, processing and interpretation to more on the ground needs like extraction of intelligence data, weapon deployment etc. The list is ever increasing. Speck has been developing Opto-Electronics products in several of these niche areas.

For more information on Speck’s capabilities in Opto-Electronics please click Dyotak.

For trade enquiries or new product development mail us at optoelectronics@specksystems.co.in

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