Situational awareness Information and Associated Imagery products are intrinsically large volumes of data. Receiving, Processing and Dissemination in near real time requires High Bandwidth Communication Systems. Speck undertakes System Engineering, Network Planning, supply and installation of Total Satellite Communications Networks on turn key basis.

Speck specializes in RF Systems and has a proven record in the Design and Manufacture of a range of products like Power Amplifiers, Synthesizers, TR Modules, Filters, Switches etc., related Embedded and Application Software and end-to-end Solutions for such specialized needs.

The Sanchar Business Group of Speck has set up a full fledged RF Microwave Design, Development Environment backed by the team of engineers and domain experts to develop, design, prototype and manufacture a variety of communication sub-systems and components for solutions requiring near real time applications which include Disaster Management, Situational Awareness & Battlefield Management and Homeland Security.

Some of the solutions include:

  • Satellite Mobile Earth Stations & Terminals in C, Ext.C & Ku Band
  • Network Management Systems (NMS )
  • RF & Microwave Components & Subsystems
  • Digital Data Transmission Networks
  • Data links for live Video Transmission

For more information on Speck’s capabilities in Communication Systems please click Sanchar.

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