Mapping and GIS

Speck forte lies in its capability to provide & maintain full fledged end-to-end solutions in all aspects of mapping & GIS – both in the technology and project management dimensions in the areas of disaster management, homeland security, land information systems, urban management, utility infrastructure & management, e-governance.

The company has many years of experience in mapping, using Aerial Stereo Images, Photogrammetry Methodologies (Analog and Digital), Digitization from Satellite Imagery and also by traditional modern ground survey methods. Over the last few years Speck has also acquired capabilities in LiDAR mapping where the focus is quick turn around and modeling.

Speck has a rich track record and experience in making large scale maps required for infrastructure development and management. These maps have found applications in development of innovative and comprehensive platforms for GIS applications, enabling effective governance and management of assets in the Areas of Land Information, Utility Management and Municipal Planning and Taxation.

The company has vast Project Management experience in deploying large teams for ground survey and data collection through door-to-door surveys. These along with the capabilities of In-House software development make Speck a one stop source for our customers.

The broad range of Geospatial Solutions and Service offerings of Speck’s Bhunirikshan Unit are backed by its State-of the-Art Infrastructure and Proven Image Processing Capabilities. The company specializes in positional accuracy of processing large data sets of Images and Coordinates. The company has experience in making country-wide maps to International Cartographic Standards.

Speck’s end-to-end Geospatial Project and Process Management capabilities are augmented by In-House capacities in Aerial Photography and LiDAR Data Acquisition.

Photogrammetric & Topographic Mapping, Map Publishing, Data Conversion, Digital Cartography, Field Survey, Rural & Urban Planning and GIS Applications Development, Automatic Point Measurement, Stereo Compilation, Terrain Extraction, DEM, Orthophoto Generation and 3D Modeling are some of the services which Speck offers as Specialized Geospatial Services.

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