Speck’s software development group is focused on creating products, embedded software and solutions for domain based real-time & business applications. The company has developed strengths over the years to cater to the specification and requirements in the areas of Image Processing, Information and Spatial Data Acquisition, Processing, Interpretation, Transmission and their management.

Leveraging on its strengths of acquiring, understanding and converting domain knowledge, Speck today has developed a large number of applications in the Domains of Situational Awareness & Battlefield Management, Disaster Management, Homeland Security, Land Information Systems, Urban Management, Utility Infrastructure & Management, e-Governance are among a host of other areas.

With a credo for indigenization, in accelerating the innovation in products, delivering superior customer service or migrating legacy applications to newer technologies, Speck today has developed its own core GIS, Photogrammetry and Image Processing Products which compete favourably with international products while conforming to open GIS and OBDC specifications.

Speck’s software group has acquired competence and developed expertise in Digital Image Processing, Mapping and related areas. Based on concepts like visualization, flythrough’s and walkthroughs, mission planning, change detection etc, the group is continually developing solutions for enabling Tactical Situational Management, Vehicle Navigation, Intelligence & Network Management.

These involve capturing information and data from various sensors and sources, integrating them on a platform to enable decision support, simulation, training, logistics and management of information / spatial data for all types of C3I applications.

The group adopts a well-defined, Mature Development and Deployment Methodology and Process in creating Domain Specific Applications, which are comparable to Industry Relevant, Globally accepted Project Management methods. Specific customizations are carried out for customer requirements. Robust, Modular, Reusable, Portable Component Technologies are used which are Cost-Effective.

Some of the Technologies used by Speck are Microsoft Technologies as Core-Application Development with Oracle and Microsoft, Share Point Portal and MSSQL as RDBMS. For GIS based applications CadCorp, ESRI, Speck GIS is the GIS engine.

Speck believes that the choice of Technology is significant to cost, time frame and performance, hence we indigenize and Map Customer and Technology needs by offering Integrated Solutions.

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