Systems Integration

In order to provide a total solution to its customers, both domestic and international clients, Systems Integration is a key feature of Speck Business Portfolio. These are offered as turnkey end-to-end solution as well as stand-alone service for each stage of productisation.

To create and support products, solutions and services where one or more disparate technologies and systems are needed to be integrated with suitable interfaces, Speck specializes in conceptualizing, designing, developing, and manufacturing such offerings, keeping the end-customer requirements in mind. The company’s research & development is focused on integrating the competencies, which have been acquired or developed over the years.

Indigenization and Appropriate Technology has also been a corner stone of Speck’s value to its customers and systems integration is what enables cost effective solutions especially to its strategic users.

Speck till date has carried out Systems Integration for a variety of Products and Solutions for applications in many areas viz., Situational & Battlefield Management, Disaster Management, Uility & Infrastructure Management, e-Governance: working independently and in associations with Indian PSUs, major private sector companies and overseas partners.

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