Manufacturing Facilities

Speck is positioned to meet the challenges of creating offerings which meet the intent of use, criteria of first-time acceptance and in-time delivery.

Backed by well-designed manufacturing facilities for each Business Group, with the state-of-the art equipment, Speck is self-reliant with a scalable infrastructure, fully in place to cater to large supplies at right notice.

Each of its manufacturing facilities has a full-fledged in-house design team, equipped with the latest applications for precision requirements. The facilities are designed to aid single-piece flow.

Guided by Project Management International (PMI) members, all aspects of Project Management like Planning Process, Execution Process, Monitoring & Control are handled by a professional team with clear focus on Process Management, Resource Management and Time Management.

Speck has always stood by the belief that ‘self-reliance’ is the first step to positive growth. Supporting Speck’s R&D initiatives and product innovations is a sophisticated infrastructure which enables Product Innovations that are Market-Centric and Customer-Focused.

All the manufacturing facilities of Speck meet the requirements of International Management Standards which include ISO 9001-2008 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 27001-2005 for Information Security Management Systems. The Director General of Quality Assurance(DGQA), Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India  continuously assesses the capability, capacity of offerings to be supplied to Defence. Speck is an approved supplier to Defence which include – EMI/Non EMI shielded shelters for Mobile applications, Mapping & GIS Services.

Speck’s facilities provide Systems Integration to third party products, in addition to aligning its other strengths of Opto-Electronics, Containerization & Ruggedization, Communication, Software Development, Unmanned Air Vehicles and Mapping & GIS to deliver Innovative Offerings.

Speck’s proven expertise in Fabrication, Mechanical Design & Engineering and Electronic Design and Engineering has enabled it to operate as a ‘single window’ solution provider supporting the organization’s commitment to deliver Indigenized Products that are marked by Quality and Innovation.

For more capabilities on Speck’s Manufacturing Facilities

  • for Opto-Electronics & Mobile Shelters, click Dyotak
  • for Communications & Unmanned Aerial Vehicles click Sancar
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