Research & Development

At Speck, customer experience and emerging technologies are the drive for our R&D. With a focus on indigenization, the R&D team is constantly looking to innovate products, develop solutions and move up the brand, thinking ahead of times, yet close to ground realities. Enabled by a team which applies thought, Speck is constantly guided by domain experts, academicians, and technical experts with rich experience, to critically evaluate each of the ideas generated by its talent pool.

For any requirements which need Engineering, Design & Development in Electronics, Optics, Mechanical & Communication and Software Development for creating  robust, scalable and portable products and applications, Speck’s elaborate state-of-the-art Research, Design & Development Center is constantly working to create a range of Innovative Products and Solutions.

Some of the offerings developed include:

Photowrite Systems | Digital Aerial Camera | Aerial Imagery Interpretation System | Mobile Hospitals | Land Records Information Management System | Electric Asset Management System | Mobile Communication Systems

Speck’s 20000sq.ft R&D centre is approved by Center of Military and Air Worthiness Certification (CEMILAC), and Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Speck’s Research, Design & Development Center has a fully established Electro Static Discharge controlled facility, meeting BS 2050 standards and Clean Room Areas, class 10,000 and localized class 100 areas.10,000 and localized class 100 areas.

With a rich resource pool of skilled and best-of-breed Scientists, Engineers and collaborations with internationally renowned thought leaders, Speck’s R&D constantly endeavors knowledge creation for the development of relevant and state-of-the-art technologies.

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