Business Approach

The business model of Speck revolves around “creating and providing value to the customer’s business proposition”. Based on this philosophy, the company has positioned its business, on core-strengths, by aligning them into Strategic Business Units (SBUs). The company offers its Solutions, Products and Services by focusing on two broad areas viz: Defence and Civilian Segments – both to the Domestic and Overseas markets.

In addressing the Defence Markets, the Company has built up a reputation of being a direct seller of its flagship products, backed by an extensive network of trained customer support team. Today, the company has Strategic Business Partnerships in place, to address the off-set market, complementing the overseas partners, through services and local support for their products deployed in strategic locations. In addition, Speck’s offerings in association with Indian Public Sector giants have been a part of the solutions supplied for Major Defence Projects.

In addressing the Domestic Civilian Markets, Speck has been a pioneer in providing integrated turnkey solutions - right from conceptualization to customer support, the varied requirements of its customers, which includes the Government Agencies and Major Private Corporates, for several developmental projects like disaster management, e-governance etc,.

For the Overseas Civilian Markets, Speck specializes in offering services and products in the Earth Imaging, Image Interpretation Products and Services.
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