Corporate Overview

Speck Systems Limited(Speck), is a manufacturer of products and developer of strategic, tactical and developmental solutions enabling Geospatial Technologies..

Speck is committed to utilizing the power of geospatial technologies to enable a better world. Driven by the philosophy - Innovate to Empower”, Speck's strengths are in Optoelectronics, Mapping & GIS, Containerization and Ruggedization, Communication, Software, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and System Integration.

Edge@speck is in enabling relevant technologies into innovative solutions and products that impact and create value in its defined areas of business to a cross-section of domain based solutions - Situational Awareness for Battlefield Management, Disaster Management, Home Land Security, Land Record Administration, Infrastructure & Utility Management, Natural Resource Management and Enterprise GIS Applications.

At Speck, value creation is second nature to the very ethos of the organization, which is percolated and visible in every aspect of its business – its stakeholders, for the markets it positions & serves, and its efforts in indigenizing technologies.

Speck is a natural partner for global leaders and a niche technology incubator for powering domestic markets and offset requirements. Its Research & Development and Business Strategy are continually focused on Innovation, Tangibility, Growth and a Continual move up the value chain, facilitated by its stakeholders.

Speck offices are staffed in key locations across India with major hubs at Delhi, Kolkotta, Jammu, Pune, Panchakula, Guwahati, positioned to provide 24x7 technical support.

Indigenization and Systems Integration are the twin-engines which are constantly engineering relevant solutions, ensuring expansion of business portfolio and striking a balanced chord with clients, partners and suppliers. Today with an established bandwidth of verticals and a major emphasis on technology support, Speck’s key focus is to leverage technology for the benefit of the common man & the frontline soldier, to raise the quality of LIFE itself.
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