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Disaster Management  

The company specializes in synergizing and translating strengths of its Business Groups into domain specific solutions in mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery stages of Disaster Management.

The Company's Business Philosophy for delivering solutions in Disaster Management is to leverage on Technology of its Strengths, create an integrated approach for business continuity and response through a model of People Oriented Public Private Partnership.

The Company's experience in catering to various sectors like, Defence, e-Governance, Infrastructure and Utilities Management, Urban Planning & Management, Homeland security etc, provide the distinct edge in understanding, aligning and meeting the requirements of disaster management.

Speck has built capabilities, resources and methods for developing and establishing effective models of Preparedness & Response involving Industry, Government and Organizations working on Rescue and Relief and stakeholders, to meet challenges of supply and demand during a disaster.

Some of the solutions delivered to various Public, Private and Non-Profit Sectors by our Dyotak and Sanchar Business Groups include Mobile Hospitals, Mobile Clinics, Mobile Command, Control & Communication Systems etc.

Backed by rich domain experts in Disaster management, overseas majors and supported by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Speck provides solutions, products and services for rapid deployment, crisis management and decision support.

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