Mapping & GIS
Enterprise GIS Solutions  

Speck‘s Enterprise GIS Solutions seamlessly integrate legacy, data, systems and applications into user-friendly, enterprise-wide solutions. Leveraging technology convergence and domain-specific acumen, Speck enables optimization usage and management of GIS data through a winning integration of GIS and CADD (Computer-aided Design & Drafting) data, RDBMS, EDM (Electronic Document Management) Systems into custom enterprise solutions.

Speck understands that there are no ready-made solutions to meet individual requirements. It is here that Speck’s vast knowledge and expertise comes to play, drawing from its spectrum of GIS capabilities for cost-effective and innovative solutions. In short, Speck offers a single, enterprise strategy which integrates your current and future business information in to a holistic enterprise solution.

  • System and Data Integration, Testing, and Implementation
  • Data Maintenance
  • Training and Documentation
  • Custom GIS Applications
  • Enterprise GIS Hardware and Software Architecture

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