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Infrastructure & Utilities Management  

Speck offers comprehensive Geospatial Solutions - Automated Mapping / Facilities Management Systems (AM/FM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Offering Mapping & GIS Services to various utility organizations covering the areas of Power Distribution/Transmission, Telecommunications, Water, Sewer, Pipelines, Infrastructure etc. The trained Professionals of Speck have the knowledge to blend the technologies of digital mapping from variety of sources including Satellite Images, Aerial Photographs, Field Data Acquisition and Survey and existing maps leading to the GIS Databases Creation.

GIS Solutions of Bhunirikshan Group of Speck provide effective tools to map different facilities that generate database, linking with spatial feature and perform analysis, enabling and empowering the decision maker the power to view, analyze data and decide. Ministry of Power, Govt. of India, has launched the Restructured Accelerated Power Development and Reforms Programmed (R-APDRP) in the 11th Five Year Plan. The objective of the program is reduction of AT&C losses to 15% in project areas. Since the Distribution Network of a Power Utility has a geographical reference, GIS mapping of the Electrical Network and Consumer database helps in improved load management, loss reduction, better revenue realization, asset and work management and possibly better consumer relationship.

Projects of GIS based utility electrical domain typically involve digitization of electric networks and assets, through high resolution satellite imagery, collection and updating of data of consumers along with their electrical connection attributes, through field survey. The task is multi faceted, comprehensive and time bound and typically involves employing proven expertise in similar surveys, GIS services, appreciation of Utility sector, hardware integration, business process studies, systems integration, training and support, among others

Speck has been pioneering the implementation of GIS based Utility Management decision support systems Projects for various Power Distribution Companies across India. Speck's ability lies in bringing together right kind of partners with relevant expertise in GPRS, ETS etc., with a process based project oversight and control. Speck has today developed the ability to minimize the risk, based on the lessons learnt from previous projects, backed by an excellent mix of experts and professionals with international, national and local level expertise, supported by identified local talent.

Speckelectric - the In-House Developed, Customizable, Application Software Integrates GIS Mapbase, Spatial and Non Spatial Data, Decision Logic and Tools. This ensures that the utility operator has accurate, up-to-date information of network usage facilitating decision making both for accurate billing and revenue generation as well as augmenting capacities to fulfill increasing customer needs.

Today, Speck has the experience in implementation of similar projects, adopting tested and time bound Methodologies.

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