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Speck is the first private company in India to have successfully created land records employing modern survey technologies. Speck has been executing the Bhu Bharathi project for Government of Andhra Pradesh which provides a road map for Cadastral Resurveys employing Electronic Total Station, Differential Global Position System and Photogrammetry Technologies as a single dedicated agency for institutionalizing an Integrated Land Information System(ILIS), facilitating creation, maintenance and delivery of all land-related services like survey, subdivision, title records, registering property transfers, and property tax records in Rural and Urban areas.

Efficient systems for Land Administration and Geographic Information are imperative for the economic and social development of a country. This fact gives rise to a need for information on real property rights, values and use of land and building for business activities, urban and rural planning, management of real properties and development and implementation of land policies.

Speck has been working on modernization of various Land Records Administration projects in India for

  • Preservation of original survey records by computerization of cadastral records from measurement data
  • Computerization of land register/Record of Rights (ROR)
  • Integration of cadastral records with land register /Record of Rights (ROR) and preparing digital cadastral framework

The Bhunirikshan Business Unit of Speck has today specialized in creating ILIS to bring about a functional integration between the land-related activities of all the departments - revenue, land survey, registration and rural/ urban local bodies - to evolve a unified and consistent approach. This requires creation of a single, shareable, state-wide cadastral database in digital format on a central repository server, on-line maintenance, to ensure availability of up-to-date land information at all times in efficiently assessing and managing land records, revenues and facilitating transparency of owner rights and holdings ensuring absolute title security creation by creating a Register of Conclusive Titles.

Speck, the first private company in India to be licensed to carry out aerial photography, offers end-to-end solutions for land records administration comprising of Image Acquisition(Aerial & Satellite), Image Processing, Cadastral Survey and Geospatial Data Production & Management. Speck's in-house application Speckadaster a complete software tool for Integrated Land Administration is deployed for data capture and generation of Land Records.

Fresh creation/updation of Land Records and an Integrated Land Information System is the need of the hour and Speck has garnered expertise in this field.

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