Mapping & GIS
Enabling information decisions in land administration

Speckadaster is a comprehensive Land Records Management solution developed by Speck Systems Ltd., Hyderabad useful for the State Governments and other allied organizations.

Since Cadaster is the building block for accurate functioning of any spatial decision support system,

Speckadaster incorporates two vital features – precision and accuracy. Speckadaster represents the convergence of sophisticated technology and functionality. The product has been developed using state-of-the-art technology from Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, Oracle 10g and OGC compliant.

Speckadaster incorporates a light-weight indigenously developed GIS engine (developed by Speck) which allows data import and export from / to virtually any GIS format. Land records can be linked to GIS data and viewed together at any given time.

  • Complete software tool for Integrated Land Administration
  • Creation of Digital Cadastral Records from Field Survey Data (ETS&DGPS), High Resolution Satellite Images and existing hardcopy records.
  • Comprehensive maintenance procedures
  • Generation of village map & integration of RoR
  • Preservation / Computerization of land records (parcel maps/village maps/ PT sheets)
  • Facilitates creation of comprehensive LIS
  • Conforms to open GIS and ODBC specifications
  • Supports region-specific Land Record Systems in India
  • Parcel Manager
  • Layout Planner
  • Master Plan validation
  • Performs advanced Spatial and Attribute Queries
  • Performs Spatial Analysis (Generate Buffer, Generate Corridor, Erode etc.)
  • Versioning
  • Embedded Electronic Security System
  • Multi-tier Architecture

Key functionalities

Accepts textual and graphical information from different sources such as

  • Flat files
  • “.dwg”, ”.shp”, etc, and all formats that are OGC compliant.
  • Creates individual land parcel sketches in specified formats.

Accepts output from various sources such as Electronic Total station, Survey data, Traverse, Triangulation, D&O etc, as input.

Accepts input from traverse sheets and creates Khandam and Village traverse boundaries.

Mosaics individual parcels and fits into the Khandam /Village boundaries after resolving mismatches.

Identifies and creates topographical features andcultural features.

Plots & prints all graphical and textual records inclusive of topographic and cultural features. Facilitates maintenance of graphical and textual records

Vernacular language support

Ability to adopt relevant revenue and survey related statutory provision and nomenclature

Ability to depict field measurements and generate field sketches

Key features

  • Computerization of land records
  • Assign Title
  • Grant Title
  • Re-locate /Swap
  • Owner change
  • Operator Change
  • Title change
  • Complete Affection
  • Partial Affection
  • Adjust Area
  • Split Entitlement
  • Merge Entitlement
  • Generation of Survey Field plots from entered data and their storage
  • Mosaic of Survey Field's and printing in desired formats Query Builder tool
  • Digitization of spatial data from existing maps
  • Storing the linked non-spatial data
  • Generate Correlation Statement
  • Import / exporting of various GIS formats
  • Dynamic Legend Control
  • Printing and plotting of data

How Speckadaster works

The plotted Survey Field Maps are stored in a Central Data Repository to facilitate easy access to people in all stakeholder departments. This multi-access feature helps in streamlining various processes, thus also saving time and resources for the departments. Since the spatial and non-spatial data are linked together, the processes can be completely automated, thus making the system very efficient. High level security is maintained at data capturing and maintenance levels, by allowing only authorized users.

Who does Speckadaster benefit ?

Land Administration Departments

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