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For robust archival & retrieval of data

The crux of today's digital world is accessibility to stored data as and when the need arises.Data acquisition through hi-resolution sensors and large scale initiatives for creating digital databases, have resulted in generation of huge amounts of data. While it is impossible to retain entire information at single location, it is essential to have a means to store and retrieve this data for day-to-day production and other operational activities. Hence the need for evolving a system that can facilitate organized storage in secondary media and efficient retrieval is imperative.

The success of such a system is directly linked with its robustness, in terms of its disaster recovery ability, backup strategy, redundancy and high MTBF.

SpeckARTS - Data Archival & Retrieval System for today's needs

SpeckARtS is built with features and functionality for archival and retrieval of both image and geospatial data in efficient and easy-to-use manner. With its built-in highperforming search engine, SpeckARTS provides users with multiple Archival and Retrieval options.

User Manager Enables to setup authorization levels and ensures access only to authorized users / administrators, enabling to maintain the data integrity.

Central Image Data Repository Actual storage space distributed on Network Attached storage devices to store vector maps and data from different sensors and other sources.

Archive Management System Gateway for moving of images and other geospatial data to online, near online and offline media, with associated metadata.

Retrieve Management System Ensuring retrieval of data using multiple search criteria.

Archive Management

This system is equipped with tools to secure data in to archival. In addition to metadata that comes tagged with the geospatial data, this system captures considerable additional details viz., Map sheet number, generic area name, geographic coordinates, interpretations report, annotation information, important landmarks, source of image, archival location, storage media, archival location and other details that are of strategic importance.

Image thumb-nails are automatically created at the time of archival of images by the application that provides quick view of search results.

Depending on the privileges, a user/administrator can directly archive the image on secondary storage media like CD, DVD and Tape drives or can only just view it or denied access to any of the activity as well.

Retrieval System

This system is equipped with various options to retrieve the archived geospatial and image data. Keyword based search engine provides the most powerful means to retrieve data from the repository. In order to provide ease of use for both novice and advanced users, various search options are provided viz., basic, advanced, tree-view and map-view.

Basic search is an intuitive search similar to a general search engine where images and other geospatial data is retrieved by giving comma separated keyword input and grid reference and other generic commonly used queries.

In advanced search mode, user can retrieve images and other Geospatial data based on the parametric inputs that are provided at the time of archival. This implies, user can place constraints on all available fields in the structured query input form, to retrieve data of his interest. In treeview search user can traverse through different file types and select the one he intends to retrieve. In map-view search, locations of archived data are geographically highlighted on the map and user is allowed to retrieve data based on bounding box or select pointer.

Thumbnail view of selected (based on one of the above search criteria) items along with their metadata is presented enabling the user to refine his search. Depending on the availability of the respective product, images and geospatial data thus retrieved can be displayed in full. SpeckARtS is also equipped with capabilities to archive and retrieve office compatible documents.

Automatic messages will be sent to server / administrator for images and other geospatial data that are in an offline mode.

This system is integrated with Photo-write system to maintain filming parameters used by the photo-write system enabling, exact future reproduction of the retrieved image or other geospatial data.

Large volume data transfer is handled by the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Various MIS reports are generated by the system, help to monitor user operations and to refine the search criteria.

Bulk Archive

Bulk Archive allows the user to archive all the files present in a folder at the click of the button. User needs to identify the folder containing all the files to be archived and identify the archive name in to which this data needs to be archived. Bulk archive being background process, user can continue with other retrieval and analysis activities as normal while the bulk archive is in progress. Log file created by bulk archive provides the status, success, failed and reasons for failure.

Image / map header information includes projectionb  Information, Image format details, bit-depth, number of bands, image size, compression and various other key parameters.

Image / Map Viewer Search Features

Images that are geospatially annotated and archived using SpeckARtS are displayed in their respective geolocations, enabling the user to retrieve images using graphical tools. Intuitive graphical user based spatial search tools include, Point search, Bounding box Search, Region \ Radial search. Visual presentation and intuitive tool enables user to easily identify region of interest and retrieve the images quickly.


  • Client Server Architecture, enabling quick loading of clients at distributed far and wide, and server having the capabilities for secure data storage.
  • Repository of data is created in centralized location (server) where the data will be retrieved with minimal turn-around time
  • Deals with different types of image and other geospatial data and is provided with tools to maintain large data volumes.
  • Can be used as a standalone as well as in client server/multi-tier technology
  • Highly user friendly graphical interface enabling minimal training requirement.
  • Modular and Scalable
Access and Security

Application authentication for users is provided, with unique identification id and encrypted password.

Each user has different security privileges to use the system.

Upward compatible to integrate latest security features

Advantage SpeckARTS

Minimal turnaround time

Data is compressed and encrypted ensuring high security

Work on Client Server Architecture and Standalonemode

Runs on windows and UNIX

Automatically reads & Store Header Info and other associated meta data

Faster Retrieval of data with user defined parameters

Centralized data/ Access to all users

Thumbnails view for Quick View

Provides Image virtual mosaic facility

Seamless storage and linkage maintenance between image and ancillary data viz., image interpretation reports and vector overlays.

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