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The marvels and immense possibilities offered by web-based GIS are all yours to use with Speck’s unique capabilities in this area. By leveraging the power of the Internet, Speck utilizes its keen market insight coupled with undisputed technology prowess to apply new and emerging technologies and offer innovative and impacting web-based GIS solutions.

Speck's user-centric approach customizes Web-based GIS to give your users GIS functionality and products through their Web browser. Speck’sWeb-based GISs integrate with enterprise geospatial and tabular databases to seamlessly give users robust query, analysis, and reporting capabilities. Speck’s customers have achieved excellent ROIs and significantly enhanced process that have contributed to overall productivity and the bottom line.

Speck employs a band-width of application development tools such as ArcIMS, MapGuide, XML, JavaScript, JSP, ASP, and others. In addition, Speck’s end-to-end support - business process modeling, user-centered design, system installation and configuration, application development, database integration, security, and user training - ensures the success of your GIS.

Solutions for Situaltional Awareness & BattleField Management

Solutions for Diaster Management

Enterprise GIS Solution

Solutions for Land Records & Administration

Solutions for Infrastructure & Utilities Management

Solutions for Urban Planning & Management

Solutions for Geospatial Data Management


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