Mapping & GIS
Earth Imaging

Speck offers superior Earth Imaging Solutions, culling its expertise over 25 years in this area. Speck’s solutions combine a convenient, simplified and holistic suite of technologies – right from Digital Aerial Cameras, Flight Management and Post-Processing Systems, Photogrammety and a complete Photogrammetic data exploitation software suite. For you, it means an easy-to-use, friendly solution which is also precise, data-accurate and high-performing right from project concept to finish. In addition, Speck provides a cost effective-way to obtain invaluable geographic information for use in decision support.

Satellite data has transformed the interpretation of maps and managing features, resources and utilities. Satellite Image is today indispensable in studying changes in urban growth, managing resources and even assessing or rectifying disaster and post-disaster situations.

Accurate and up-to-date imagery leads to quicker updates and provides geospatial information for better decision making. Speck specializes in transforming the source data into various products which includes Ortho Photos, 3D data, Land use/ Land Cover Data, processed models to perform various analysis.

Speck is fully equipped to support all your Earth Imaging Requirements, from data acquisition to exploitation and data distribution. Speck provides the necessary tools you require to generate maps, enable digital terrain models, Orthophotos, and other geographic data that find wide application in Government, Military, and Commercial Organizations require.

Speck provides end-to-end solutions for the Defense Forces enabling.

  • Accurate, uniform geospatial data for different forces
  • Quick gain of 3D terrain
  • Seamless view of the AoR
  • Highly accurate geographic reference for military mapping and flight simulation which:

    • Empowers the user to acquire the ability to analyze situations independently using the power of satellite imagery data.

    • Gain precise and accurate information.

    • Derive the information from multiple sources and operation planning.

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