Mapping & GIS
Field survey

Speck focuses on accurate and usable ground surveys. It specializes in the process of creating Ground Control Network with complete monumentation, enabling reacquisition of the GCP network at any later point in time. Speck has a well-equipped field survey team managed by professional land surveyors, capable of undertaking large scale ground control surveys, topographical surveys, field data collectors for utilities, cadastral and corridor surveys etc.

An overview of Speck's methodology adopted for field surveys:

We have the experience of executing large projects in across India for urban bodies, utility organizations among other in the areas of Land Records & Administration, Infrastructure & Utility Management, Urban Planning & Management, Natural Resources Management, e-governance etc., employing state-of-the-art survey equipments.

Speck undertakes Primary Control Survey as well as Secondary Control Survey, understands and maintains required density of control point network commensurate with the committed scale of deliverable

Today, Speck is a cog in the wheel for several many projects where surveys and res-surveys are being undertaken for developmental projects by various states, Bhu-Bharathi the first full resurvey of a district in Andhra Pradesh by a private company is a standing example.

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