Mapping & GIS
Urban Planning & Management  

Cities today are complex entities with a burgeoning infrastructure that has brought forth new challenges and opportunities for Urban Planners, Urban Managers and decision makers to design and implement a variety of activities utilizing the latest technologies in GIS.

An integrated GIS-enabled Urban Information System that address urban planning and management problems in the right perspective can help cities cope with economic realities through successful urban solutions.

At Speck we have successfully partnered with several urban local bodies in development and implementation of planning and management solutions, employing state-of-the-art geospatial technologies.

We understand that key to any successful urban information system is through accurate up-to-date spatial data, non-spatial data, data Integration and a comprehensive geospatial decision support system. The rapid intrusion of urban sprawl into the rural peripheries and the increased stress on the resources of the cities has become a concern for the government to take immediate steps for better urban planning & management through a client specific decision support system.

An indigenous GIS Engine built completely in house provides the basic framework for municipal GIS, and is designed to meet the objective of e-Governance through service-oriented architecture.

We offer:

* Master Plans
* Zonal Development Plans
* City Development Strategies
* Infrastructure Development Plans
* Traffic & Fleet Management
* City Corporate Plans
* Bankable Project Reports
* Municipal Administration
* Vehicle Tracking System
* Business Geographic
* Taxation
* Tourism
* E-Governance Implementations

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