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Bhunirikshan SBU of Speck which offers a host of solutions and services is backed by a large facility to support its commitment of meeting client expectations.

Human resources

Supported by a team of professionally qualified and experience spanning hundreds of man-years in offering domain specific solutions and in successful execution of diverse mapping & GIS projects, Speck resources have built-in scalability to plan, execute and deliver large-scale projects, in time.

Management Systems

The facilities are compliant with ISO 9001 standard to assure and ensure quality and traceability at every stage of operationalisation for delivering client specification.

Assurance and ensuring of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and information processing infrastructure to protect the interests of all its stakeholders is paramount. Bhunirikshan is accredited to ISO 27001 standard, which covers the physical, environmental, logical and data related security for premises, information, physical assets, human resources and infrastructural facilities.

With information security as an objective, systems, processes, infrastructure, and training for risk assessment, business continuity planning and disaster recovery mechanism and structure are continually reviewed for adequacy and improvement to meet information security requirements.

Key Infrastructure

Speck deploys state-of-the art infrastructure to which are continually upgraded with relevant technologies to process client requirements and deliver in all format and media conforming to end-use applications. In addition to using in-house products for data capturing(Speckadaster), Data processing(Speckelectric) and data archival and retrieval(SpeckArts), Bhunirikshan has a host of high-end and conventional data capture, processing and storage equipment and applications which include:


Softcopy workstations Analytical Stereo plotters
  • Inpho Photogrammetric Systems
  • Socet Set of LH Systems
  • VirtuoZo from SuperSoft
  • Photomod from Racurs
  • IMA, from Intergraph
  • Alpha 2000
  • WILD B-8, Upgraded
GIS & CAD Packages
  • NT Arc/Info
  • ArcSDE
  • ArcIMS
  • AutoCAD Map
  • Microstation & Geographic
  • Map Info
  • CAD Overlay
  • AutoDesk GIS Design Server - formerly Vision - for AM/FM/GIS solutions
  • Intellicad
  • KORK Digital Mapping Software

Data post processing software

  • Albany bundle adjustment software
  • Terra model for DTM and contouring
  • Trimble’s GP survey software
  • Leica’s software for Total Station
  • Semi-automated map vectorization software

Image processing software

  • EASI / PACE (Geomatica) (Image analysis and OrthoEngine orthorectification software of PCI .
  • ImageXute of SupraSoft

Data Transfer

  • FME Suite
  • Mr. SID

Other Software

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PTC (Pro Engineer) Complete
  • Raster Design
  • Easy Trace


  • Trimble 4700 GPS Receivers
  • Trimble 5700 GPS Receivers
  • Leica Total Stations
  • FOIF Total Stations
  • Leica / FOIF Auto Levels
  • Garmin Hand held GPS
  • MapStar
  • Laser Rangefinders
  • Field Computing sets


For details contact : T : +91 40 272 60116 F : +91 40 27260278 E : bhunirikshan@specksystems.co.in Site Map