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Speck’s R&D comprises of software, Hardware, communication development and certification teams, focused in development of GIS, Image processing, e-governance, Municipal GIS, Property Information Management, electrical asset management, situational awareness solutions etc.   

The software team adopts Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, addressing key phases - analysis, design, development and certification through series of short, iterative development cycles. 

Speck software team understands the advantages associated with RAD methodology and all critical projects are typically staffed with small integrated teams comprised of developers, end users, and IT technical resources. Small teams combined with short, iterative development cycles optimize the speed, unity of vision and purpose, effective informal communication and simple project management. 

Well-defined quality assurance plan and test procedures adopted by the certification teams ensure high product quality to meet global standards.   Test Engineers from QA department of Speck carryout black-box testing and report any errors to the development team through a defect tracking system.   Version control software is used to maintain versioning for each build delivered to QA, and to track the changes, improvements of the product from one build to the other.  

Speck’s software development team has acquired domain expertise in building software solutions for e-governance, municipal GIS, property information management, digital image processing for satellite and aerial photo data, web-GIS, vehicle-navigation.   Multi-sensor data acquisition in real-time mode, integrating with static / dynamic geospatial data towards providing informed decisions is the key expertise gained by Speck to help the front-line in defence domain and to enable the decision makers to take informed decisions through many decision support tools.

Apart from the basic software engineering and product development related skills, all the team members are trained in various developmental tools and hone their skills through continuous training being provided by Speck.  

Development tools

  • Dev Partner Studio
  • Visual Basic
  • VC++
  • Qt
  • ASP .Net
  • XML
  • GTK and associated standard debuggers


  • Oracle
  • PostGre SQL
  • MS Access
  • SQL

Majority of the products and solutions are built around Windows OS.  For few defence related projects Speck has built the products and solutions in Linux OS as well.   Products and solutions built by Speck are enabled across the enterprise through the hierarchy of platforms viz., desktops, laptops as well as PDA’s.

Speck is associated with open source initiatives and increasing its adoption in its recent projects / products.    Based on these initiatives and the knowledge and experience gained in the geospatial services domain, Speck is invited to become part of OSGeo forum and take forward the Opensource momentum.  With active participation in OSGeo forum Speck can leverage large support of the Opensource consortium and its resources that can curtail the developmental efforts.

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