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Situational Awareness Management (SAM)  

The frontline soldier is always placed in a situation where he is flooded by information and has the minimum time to react and take the right decision. Often, information reaching him on the battlefield is transmitted through a simple voice communication or fax. Based on the information he receives, the solider has to tactically calculate his next move to counter his enemy’s strategy. He has to constantly decipher all the information he receives through various sources and follow the instructions to the tee such as locating the position of his troop, assessing terrain conditions, deciphering friendly and antagonist objects. It is only then he can chart his way forward with caution and a calculated risk.

In this critical situation, where every move makes the difference between life and death, situational awareness is the key. A comprehensive solutions which equips the frontline soldier with a definite head start wherein he can view information at one time, collate and analyse data within seconds is imperative.

Speck’s Situational Awareness Management (SAM) enables informed decisions that transform battlefield scenarios to the soldier’s advantage. SAM is a Multi sensor intelligence gathering and Situational Awareness System for an infantry soldier and armed vehicle. The Situational Awareness System provides high end accuracy tool for positioning and navigation. SAM provides the capability to exchange the information between the vehicle equipped with SAM and the control room. SAM provides command and control through GPS integration with customized software which can be deployed from the Patrolling vehicle to the vehicles at command HQs.

Key Features

  • Integrate Surveillance Devices (GPS, BFSR, HHTI & Digital Camera)
  • Information display on Geo referenced map
  • Deployment of own and enemy objects
  • Modular design
  • Simple to Install
  • Pseudo real time information exchange
  • Record and replay facility
  • Transmission of image text voice
  • Ruggedised Hardware
  • Open software architecture
Built around open software architecture, SAM can easily be enhanced and upgraded to address the full-blown BFMS requirements. Supports military interoperability standards and gives interfaces to connect with other devices. This directly tracks the vehicle and simultaneously downloads the GPS coordinates on machine and plot the location onto map to display information more effectively on map. The route of the patrolling party can be stored in the SAM, and same can be tracked sitting in a control room.

Sensors integrable with SAM

Night Vision Camera
Internal GPS Radio modem Thermal imager

Salient Features of SAM

  • Ability to display 25x25km map
  • Pan and Zoom.
  • Ability to display raster, vector and map/sketch at different scales
  • Ability to display own position dynamically
  • Can display objects of peer devices
  • Display overlays for Diagrammatic Op plans
  • Display of own grid reference with 100 m x 100 m accuracy
  • Quick loading of relevant maps from off-line storage devices.
  • Multiple modes of annotation - mouse, keyboard and stylus pen.
  • Ability to select, create, update display send and receive SMS
  • Built-in radio modem for exclusive data networking within Combat Group.
  • Transfer of Data between Tanks through radio channel in data mode.
  • Ad-hoc networking protocol over Army Radio
  • Retransmission without operator intervention
  • Multi-level Authentication system based on combination of smart card based User ID, passwordand machine ID.
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