Aerial Imagery Analysis Work Station

During War and peace times the knowledge about terrain configuration and its physical features play a dominant role in various applications. Terrain is a portion of the earth’s surface that includes man-made and natural features. Terrain analysis is the process of analyzing and interpreting these features. Almost all phases and levels of military planning require knowledge of the battlefield terrain. Terrain analysis involves interpreting geographical features, natural or man-made to determine their impact on military operations and thus help in strategic intelligence applications. These are also useful in today’s urban planning. Image analysts employ various tools for examining aerial films
for analyzing and interpreting the terrain. One of the basic and the most widely used tools are the stereoscope. Speck Systems has converted this conventional tool into a state-of-the-art Aerial Imagery Work Station.

This system allows the image interpreter to see the film in three dimensions. The 3-D view is set-up by positioning two overlapping photos under the stereoscope in the appropriate fashion. The equipment permits the observer to see terrain (topography), building heights, bunkers and other objects in a much more effective manner than without stereo.
  Aerial Imagery Workstation - AIWOS


AIWOS, which enables intelligence community to:
  • Identify Regions of Interest faster from lengthy spool of film
  • View images in greater detail
  • Prepare stereo pair Optically and Digitally
  • Magnify / zoom Areas of Interest optically and digitally
  • Capture and store identified targets for further analysis effectively
  • Create data base for future reference
  • Generate reports based on various fields
  • Print hardcopies on Photowrite System/Printer

Salient features

  • Simple, easy to operate through fully-automatic software control
  • Easy to dismantle for transportation
  • Direct respooling without a separate spooler
  • Stable image at all magnification
  • Single illumination for viewing and Image grabbing
  • Enhanced Image Quality
  • No intraocular cross talks as per MIL-STD-1472
  • No fatigue to the operator even while working long hours
  • Minimal operator training time
  • Customized software for film scan and image data base

AIWOS System has all the features and applications required to analyze and capture the identified targets. The film scanning on monitor reduces the operator's fatigue. The analysis time is reduced by doing away with the process of digitizing data on scanner and also by selectively and intelligently identifying areas of interest. The intelligence sharing is possible by using the image management application in AIOWS software. By exploiting the film scan, image grabbing and database generating features of the system, operator's productivity is increased.
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