Electric Asset Management Systems

GIS Based Consumer Indexing

Indian Cities are geared to emerge as global metros as a robust and sophisticated infrastructure is beginning to keep pace with the demands of a burgeoning economy. As such, efficient management of Electric Utilities is a mandatory element in smooth, efficient governance.

SpeckElectric Providing the right coordinates for enhanced Electric Utilities

SpeckElectric is a unique product, which fulfils the growing realization for Electric Utilities by DISCOM. It incorporates features and functionality aimed at providing accurate, up-to-date information of network systems which in turn facilitate increasing revenues and enhancing customer service. A winning combination of GIS and AM /FM provides the much needed cost-effective and advanced solutions for Network Planning and Management. A sophisticated Network Mapping backed by Land Base Information and Satellite Images enables easy identification and understanding of Network assets. Today, more and more customers involved in Electric Utilities are realizing the benefits of GIS technology for better management of facilities related to Engineering, Construction, Operations, Maintenance and Services.

SpeckElectric Better Management of Electric Assets

SpeckElectric provides holistic solutions in managing and maintenance of DISCOM electrical assets for better results and improves the network efficiency.

  • The Electrical Network System elements are mapped with Geo-Coordinates; this provides useful reference for setting up of new facilities, provides necessary information on land use pattern for planning optimum expansion of network and enables more systematic network operation and maintenance.
  • Electrical Distribution Network mapping based on voltage profiles in different layers.
  • Mapping of Electrical Network from 33KV to 440V and link to consumers.
  • Unique Identification codes for each asset in the distribution network with respective symbols for identification of voltage profiles.
  • Customizable to require Asset Coding System of the DISCOM network System.
  • Consumer Indexing of every consumer within the DISCOM.
  • Developed using OGC component.
  • Supports mostly used GIS formats (raster and vector).
  • Vector formats: - shp, mif, dwg, dxf, e00, dgn etc
  • Raster formats: - jpg, bmp, Geo Tiff etc.
  • Import and Export of Spatial Databases among different formats.
  • Exports Non Spatial data to HTML and MS Excel formats.
  • Supports all types of Projection and Coordinate Systems. Connectivity through ODBC, Supports external spatial databases through ODBC.
  • Power System Studies utilize Network Spatial Information for real values of the network system for decision making in Network Planning and Management.
  • Execution of Power Studies on different scenarios of the network system for better decisions in developing the Network.
  • Power System results displayed on a Network Map at each asset for Network Planning, Express Feeders, Network Re-conductoring and Load Forecasting for network enhancements.
  • Identification of affected network assets, consumers and trouble shooting the problem in the power flow network using GIS. Flexibility of opting for other systems to share or exchange data with (i.e. Network Analysis, Inventory, Trouble call Management, Billing etc,) and easy linking between Spatial and Non Spatial Information.
Layer Management

Network assets segregated based on voltage profiles and feature type.

Effective viewing and understanding of Network features by setting the layer On/Off.

Separate layers for power system elements and for study results on map.

Toggling between Vector and Raster maps.

Network Tracing

Consumer and Network Asset tracking on different Networks based on respective Voltage Profiles (LT and HT).

Tracks Connectivity among the Network Assets along the network and linking to the consumers.

Traced Results in table structure of Traced Network Features.

Traces generation source of each asset within the distribution network and power flow from the generation source.

Traces and highlights Breakdown Network in case of failure in the network.

Network Editing

  • Enables decisions in Network Planning & Management for future modifications of the Network.
  • Enables decisions online prior to modifying the Network on the ground.
  • Modified Network in system represents the real Network on the ground for better decisions.
  • Simple GIS tools for modifying Network online.
  • Automatic generation of Asset Code based on connected DTR connected Junction codes.
  • Modification / deletion of Network Spatial and Non-Spatial information based on real system on the Network.
  • Versions of modified Network accessible by different users.
  • Easy additions / updating of connected Load on the Network.
Query Builder

Defines Query in both Spatial and Non-Spatial categories.

Retrieves the Network Asset details on the map based on the query generated on Network attributes is Non- Spatial Query builder.

Retrieves Network Asset details on the map based on the overlaid geometry structure on the map of network system in Spatial Query Builder.

Generated highlights on the map of query results.

Single Line Diagram (SLD)

SLD at DTs and Feeder level generates with respective load at each pole and cable length between poles.

Easy identification of dead end poles in the Network.

Interfaces and Linkages

Interface to SCADA, Power System, Energy Auditing and Automatic Meter Reading.

Trouble Call Management.

Asset Outage and Maintenance Management.

SpeckElectric solutions for DISCOM

  • Network Representation / Visualization.
  • Network Reconfiguration / Optimization.
  • Preparing Designs/Schemes.
  • Outage Management System.
  • Fault Management.
  • What-if analysis.
  • Improvement in Revenue Management.
  • Business Development .
  • Strategically Planning .
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