Military shelters-MIL & NATO
Missile Command Post - Brahmos

Missile Command Post (MCP) is an important and central operational unit controlling a number of launch pads assigned to it.  Missile Command Post has been configured with two separate shelters mounted on Tatra 8x8 Chassis.  One shelter is Non-EMI shelter housing two DG sets along with an AMF panel.  A V-Sat antenna is mounted on top of the Non-EMI shelter and integrated.  The other shelter is an EMI Shelter housing equipment racks, communication consoles, UPS, two Air Conditioning units, one electro mechanical mast and NBC filter. The required modifications, the shelters and all their pay-load integration and the mandatory QT and QC checks have all been successfully carried-out at Speck’s facility at Cherlapally and delivered to MoD through ECIL. Speck Systems Limited., has now been earmarked as the production agency for the project. 

Ground Control Station ( Command Post Shelter)

This is mounted on a Tata 2.5 Ton Vehicle.  This has two side tents including one inflatable on one side and another collapsible with metal structures.  The work area is air conditioned and has three workstations with LCD monitors, seating arrangement, map boards, lights, a place to mount the in-service radio sets, etc.
Communication Command Posts

These are customized shelters wherein an EMI shielded shelter and a collapsible 3.8 Mtr V-Sat Antenna have both been integrated on a single 5/7.5 Ton Ashok Leyland Stallion Mark-III Chassis.  The Shelter itself is EMI shielded and has a foldable catwalk for an easy access to the antenna area from the shelter. Quite a few of them have been successfully completed and supplied to MoD through ECIL.
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