Daylight Photowrite Systems

Current Satellites provide images with high resolution,which  are near  equivalents to aerial Photos. Such data are used for GIS, Mapping and Strategic Applications. Photo prints are ideally suited to analyze and interpret these high resolution images. With a technical know-how from the Dept of Space, Speck has been in the forefront in developing and continuously improving the Photo writing and imaging technology. Speck photo writes are tailored for specific requirements of its customers.

Speck’s Photo-Write Systems are Precision Opto-Electronic Equipment that have the capability of writing high resolution, continuous-tone images from digital data on B&W and color photographic paper.

fotorite 1040C (M)

Vehicle Mounted Ruggedised Photowrite System

fotorite 1040C (M)
generates very high resolution outputs of up to 40"x 40" in size. Its unique feature is its capability to directly write on bromide paper (photograghic media) both in black & white & colour, in continuous tone. These outputs facilitate image interpretation for strategic applications. Along with fotorite 1040C (M), Speck offers a photo processor, generator, AC and other utility equipment on a mobile platform for rapid movement and deployment.

Media type *   B/W paper - Ilford, Kodak digital Color paper - Fuji, Kodak Digital
Maximum image size   1000 mm X 1000 mm (40”x40” approx)
Filming time   15 minutes or less at 100 microns resolution
Pixel resolution   50 & 100 microns
Pixel format   Programmable zoom with common X & Y multiplication factors
Density dynamic range (typical)   ≥ 1.6 D B/W
≥ 1.8 D color
Uniformity   ± 0.1D @ 1D for both B/W & color
Data input   8 and 11 bits per color
Look-up table   16 bits per color
Light source   Hybrid source with laser
Positional accuracy   ± 200 microns (over 1 m)
Configuration   System is supplied along with a dedicated PC
Power input   230V + 2% AC single phase, 50Hz, through online UPS
Environment   Ideally between 200C to 300C, dust-free controlled
    environment, up to 65% RH non-condensing
Software   Filming data in uncompressed TIFF and RAW Windows operating system
Densitometer interface   Through RS 232 port *Or equivalent compatible media

fotorite 20530 RS
Large Format Daylight Laser Writer

This state-of-the-art, Large Format Daylight Photowriter is endowed with unsurpassed versatility and exemplary quality that shatters the myth about the supremacy and economy of conventional electrostatic and inkjet printing technologies.

fotorite 20530 RS is designed to deliver continuous tone color images of exceptional sharpness on industry standard silver halide media (both paper and film) meant for RA4 process, and eminently caters to the needs of the remote sensing market.

fotorite 20530 RS is a robust workhorse built around laser scanning technology to expose Ra4 compatible light sensitive papers. With integrated paper processor, the system is self contained and operates in daylight condition. The system is built to achieve exposure of 50"x300" print at a resolution of 200 ppi.

fotorite 20530 RS is a versatile Large Format Digital Photowriter that effortlessly meets most of the compelling remote sensing requirements. Its crisp outputs find specific application in the areas of:
  • Image Maps
  • Orthophotos
  • Terrain Interpretation
  • Images for INT Briefing


Direct exposure onto photographic media
Exposes digital images and text files directly onto photographic silver halide materials and produces prints up to 50" x 300" directly, eliminating the need to have internegs and enlargers.
Latent image in one pass
The three color laser scanning (RGB) Digital Imaging Process exposes the yellow, magenta and cyan layers on the photographic medium simultaneously, thus producing the latent image in one pass.
High resolution, crisp images
Produces exceptionally crisp images at a resolution of 300 ppi, which are vastly superior to the images obtained from conventional electrostatic and inkjet printing technologies, due to the constant pixel size and shape over the entire image area.
Excellent color fidelity
Produces excellent color fidelity for high image quality, achieved through imaging each color pixel at distinct color levels as one point of continuous tone.
Digital photo prints of any size
Allows digital photo prints of any size ranging from 4"x6" to 50"x300", making your operations quite economical.
Highly economical
Being a roll to cut sheet machine, proves highly economical for intermittent operations, permitting faster turn-around.
fotorite 20530 RS fits perfectly into your existing workflow
Superbly efficient filming device that can easily be integrated into an existing digital workflow, to transform it into a truly and completely open system that exposes image and text data from most image enhancement systems and PC/Mac files.


Exposure technology   RGB laser
Print media   RA4 compatible papers and display films (emulsion out)
Resolution   300 & 200 ppi
Linear writing speed   27 inch/min
Printer capacity   35 m2/hour
Online paper magazine   1
Color   24 bit, precision 36 bit
Paper width   6-50 inches (15-127cm)
Maximum paper exposure length   300 inches (7.5 m)
Minimum cut size   10 inches (25 cm)
Operation method   Daylight operation integrated with photo processor
Paper advance   Roll-to-sheet single print cutting and exposure
Power supply   180-240V; Single phase AC, 5O Hz
Power consumption   500 W
Accepted file formats   Tiff, Jpeg and Bmp etc.
Data transfer speed   1Gbs
Photo Processor Specifications    
Power supply   380V, three phase AC, 5O Hz
Power consumption   15 KW
Processor transport speed   24 inch/min
  • The world’s first integrated 50-inch Photo Printer/Processor System
  • The unmatched quality and productivity of printing on silver halide media
  • A proven integrated dispenser and processor for immediately finished prints
  • It can be operated in day light conditions
  • It accepts all popular image file formats, and uses a 1Gbs Fast Ethernet data transfer mode
  • Single-page paper advance and exposure system cuts and prints images “sheet-by- sheet” to
    minimize paper waste while maintaining its high productivity.


fotorite 2030

Speck Systems has acquired the expertise in Designing and Productionising Photowrite Systems during the last three decades for generating images on


b/w, color films and photographic paper from 10” x 10” to 40” x 40”.  80 % of the sub systems are indigenously developed. But these systems require dark room for carrying out the operations.

Recently, Speck's R&D team has launched an innovative  20” daylight Photowrite system for generating images on RA4 color paper directly with laser optics. This system is coupled with photo processor directly to avoid separate photo processing laboratory which minimizes expenditure on manpower and additional space.This system works in any office environment’s day light conditions ,the daylight system is shown here.

A user friendly day light photowrite is designed to take roll photographic paper as input is an economical system as one can make cut paper out puts from roll paper. Daylight Photo Write is designed to deliver excellent quality outputs on ra4 compatible papers. the sharper outputs find applications in areas such as Image Maps, Orthophotos, Terrain Interpretation, Graphic Arts etc.,

It has features such as High Resolution Imaging at 254dpi vastly superior quality images compared to conventional electrostatic and inkjet outputs due to constant pixel size and shape over the entire image.

It has good color fidelity, as it uses solid state lasers for exposing pixel with RGB information. The simultaneously and directly on to Photographic Media. It produces latent image in a single pass. It has Hardware Processor for correcting the input image data for customer satisfaction.

It uses a roll Photographic paper and generates images in cut sheet mode making the entire operation more economical. It has integrated dispenser for immediate finished prints. Entire operations are carried out by the Internal Microcontrolled Based System avoiding manual interventions.

20” day light Photowrite Production unit is available for demonstration.


       Light source                                                           RGB Lasers.

       Resolution                                                             254 dpi

       Color                                                                    48 bits

       Data input                                                             11bits per color

       File Formats                                                           Tiff & Raw

       Paper Width                                                           20” (508mm)

       Minimum Cut Size                                                  33.5” (850mm)

       Printing Methodology                                              Internal Drum

       Printing Time                                                         ~4minutes

       Configuration                                                        System supplied with dedicated PC

       Power                                                                  230v ±2% ac 1-ø, 50 hz, ~5kva online UPS

       Photo Processor                                                    230v ±2% ac , 50 Hz, ~3kva

Photowrite and Processor are coupled for Easy Printing.


Final Print coming out of the Processor.


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