Electronic/Mechanical Design & Development

Speck systems have the capability to Design and Develop Complex Electronics and Optoelectronics Systems. Over the years Speck has been designing for in-house applications and now has expanded it’s capability to offer one stop shop for design, development and engineering solutions.

Speck today is poised to offer design services in electronics, optics and mechanicals with relevant software support. Customer inputs can be components, design, drawing or a problem itself, Speck is committed to provide solution. The interaction between customer and Speck is based on requirements. the company can work closely as part of your team or the entire work can be outsourced.

Speck Systems offers Engineering Design Services in the following core, or combinational multi disciplinary areas of :



  • Embedded Systems Design using Microcontroller & Microprocessors
  • Analog Electronics
  • Digital Electronics (Logic Systems Design, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, Embedded System Design)
  • Computer Hardware & Interfacing
  • Software Development to interface and control custom designed electronics for PC based hardware
  • Device drivers
  • Coding in VHDL ,configure FPGA ,AFE & other devices
  • Development of Color Processing Software using Bayer Decoding Algorithms
  • Prototyping
    • PCB Development (RoHS / Non-RoHS)
    • Components Sourcing (RoHS / Non-RoHS)
    • Assembly (RoHS / Non-RoHS)
    • Testing- Functional / EMI
    • Compliance / Qualification Tests

PCB Designs

  • Schematic Entry
  • Library Services
  • PCB Layout
  • Signal Integrity Analysis
  • EMI/EMC Analysis
  • Multilayer, High Speed, Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal and Power PCB Design
  • Generation of final Hardware Design and Components Specification
  • Engineering BOM creation
  • Manufacturing Documents
  • Assembly Drawings


  • Conceptual Design, Design Optimization /Redesign, Reverse Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
    • Manufacturing Documents
    • BOM
  • Process Sheets
  • 3D Modeling
  • Design Validation by Simulation & Analysis
    • Drop test
    • FE mesh
    • Dynamic Analysis
    • Stress Analysis
  • Prototype Development
    • Rapid Prototypes
    • Castings
    • Sheet metal machining
  • Packaging
  • Configuration Management
  • Concept to delivery  for low, medium and high volume designs

Optics Capabilities

  • Optical Design and Evaluation
  • Optical System Engineering
  • Optical System Testing and Evaluation
  • Optoelectronic System Engineering
  • Laser Based Instrumentation
  • Customized Optics Solutions.

The Photowrite lens barrel assembly is the work of indigenously designed lenses for focusing the spot on the media. Focusing three colors at a single spot requires in-depth understanding, rigorous design iterations and evaluations. We designed the lens barrel of 100 microns spot size while holding the tolerance within the limits.

Extensive R & D on Optoelectronics enables us to identify problems in real situations. Understanding them on a breadboard setup is a way to grasping key engineering issues.

Our wide range of optoelectronic accessories includes Lasers, Fibers and optics and mounts. This means that we are ready to experiment even on the most complex configurations on an optical breadboard.

Continuing R&D efforts ensures that we understand the intricacies of the system in all its nuances and address all functional issued for a foolproof design.

Testing on optical breadboards is an easy and flexible method of understanding the behavior of light. We have tools and equipment to address any optical parameter at any time and measure it.

Optispheric measurement workstation is the workhorse in all our measurements. Given the fundamental mode of operation this equipment can be tailored to other optical needs like alignment. Recently, we have innovatively used it to align the Aerial Digital Camera as a part of Calibration.

Zoom Stereoscope is a Co-Development product with BEL Machilipatnam. This system comprises of 100 optical components in 48 sets of complex optical arrangement. This is a result of our dedicated efforts in Design, Analysis and Engineering.

Customer Design and Data confidentiality is maintained by virtue of practices followed as per Information Management System (ISMS) IS2700 and ISO 9001. We have Non-Disclosure-Agreements (NDA) with our customers and vendors to protect customer’s business interests.




Contact us - our customer enquiry coordinates are:
  1. Our marketing representative who will immediately respond and put you to the right technical expert.
  2. All inputs are elicited.
  3. Proposal is submitted for approval.
  4. Work is taken up with appropriate involvement the customer.
  5. Qualification test are conducted as per approved procedures before delivery.
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