Situational Awareness & Battlefield Management

The basic philosophy at Speck for its Defence business is to be an end-to-end solution provider facilitating real-time Situational Awareness and Battlefield Management. Our core strengths in the areas of Software and Application Development, Mapping, UAVs, Communications, Opto-Electronics and Containerization & Ruggedization ensure that it enables us encompass all aspects for an effective C4ISTAR environment.

The company focuses on developments in the niche fields of Image Processing, Multi Sensor Fusion, Real Time Data Processing, Management and Communication of sensor based datum.

Diverse requirements analysed and synergized by domain experts are processed and systems integrated by its business groups Dyotak, Sanchar & Bhunirikshan through a single-window framework.

Speck has been working with Defence Organizations and developing products and solutions for several of the prestigious projects, independently and in associations with Indian PSUs, which include Mobile Command, Control & Communication Systems, Battlefield Management Systems, Aerial Imagery Analysis Work Station, Mobile Photowrite Systems etc.

The company is a preferred partner for several overseas majors as part of the Off-Set Program to cater to the growing requirements of the Defence Sector.

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