Urban Planning & Management

The Bhunirikshan Business Unit of Speck leverages on its strengths of Mapping & GIS Capabilities, understanding that key to any successful Urban Information System is accurate up-to-date spatial data, non-spatial data integrated with a Comprehensive Geospatial Decision Support System.

Cities today are complex entities with a rapidly increasing infrastructure that has brought forth new challenges and opportunities for Urban Planners, Urban Managers and policy makers to design and implement a variety of activities that address urban planning and enable its management with the right perspective.

Speck has successfully partnered with several Urban Local Bodies in Development and Implementation of Planning and Management Solutions.
The Company employs Geospatial Technologies for Base Mapping from Satellite Data, Integration with Existing Legal Records, Field Data Collection, GIS Services, Preparation of - Updated Existing Landuse Maps, Proposed landuse Planning, Infrastructure Planning, Investment Planning, implementation strategies, assisting UDAs in plan approvals from Government for Infrastructure, Transportation and Socio Economic Mapping.

Speck offers end- to -end solutions for Urban Planning & Management through Ground Surveys, Mapping, Planning, Customization, Software Development, Deploying the Applications/Data on intranet and/or internet for use by the Department, Nodes and general public, thereby improving revenues, Creating Transparency and Enhancing efficiency in administration and service delivery of Urban Bodies.

Speck’s Urban Planning & Management solutions include:

  • Master Plans
  • Zonal Development Plans
  • City Development Strategies
  • Infrastructure Development Plans
  • Traffic & Fleet Management
  • City Corporate Plans
  • Bankable Project Reports
  • Municipal Administration
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Business Geographic
  • Taxation
  • Tourism
  • E-Governance Implementations

For more information on Speck’s capabilities, solutions & trade enquiries in Urban planning & management please write to us at urbanmanagement@specksystems.co.in

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