Life @ Speck

Life @ Speck is as multifaceted as its business. With strengths that are built over time, to ever-increasing domains and offerings which are geo-coded to its business groups, every Speckian’s career displays several layers of attributes, experiences and success datum, which have mapped their aspirations.

Freshers, technologists, domain experts with academic and professional breadth, spanning thousands of man years in experience, rub shoulders and relentlessly pursue a single dream – create an edge @ speck, realize their mission – the Speck Vision.

You could be a trainee, an executive, a manager, a consultant or in the top echelons – elements that bind us all are common – commitment, team work, mutual respect, professional outlook, a drive to excel, empathy and genuine appreciation for the contribution.

Work Culture

Core values, practices, processes and policies deployed, constantly guide and shape the culture of Speckians. Continual interactions, mentoring, training & developmental programs, visits to seminars etc, form an important platform for imbibing culture at Speck.

Work Life Balance @ Speck

  • Employee Engagement : Speck adopts an employee engagement strategy which helps create a community at the workplace and not just a workforce. We have a range of practices to improve the engagement level of Speckians right from the selection. They include:
  • Giving them a realistic job preview
  • A strong Induction and Orientation Programme
  • Regular, Rigorous & Updates - Training and Development – Technical, Soft Skills & Leadership

Speck helps employees find out what is going on within the company outside their immediate team and help to create an environment of trust and openness within the organization. The engagement and employee oriented practices include:

Communications activities

  • Perspecktive - In-house Magazines
  • On-line communications
  • Personnel mentoring by Senior Management
  • Updates on achievements of Corporate goals
  • Regular employee opinion and satisfaction surveys

Reward schemes

  • Compensation and benefit programmes
  • Recognition programmes
  • Long service and good performance awards

Culture building activities 

  • Clear and humane HR policies
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Equal opportunities policies and practices
  • Initiatives to maintain the quality of work life and a balance between personal and professional life
  • Developing a safe, clean and inspiring work environment
  • Demonstrating a commitment to employees’ well being
  • Celebrating Personal, Project and Organizational milestones.

Health care [A Healing Touch]

Health Counseling and Prevention Services are provided to help Employees achieve and maintain harmonious physical, mental and emotional health by way of seminars on General Health, handling stress etc. Speck is fulfilling its commitment of oneness and the concept of we-care, employee orientation programs, medical checkups, guidance, and assistance. Yoga camps are a year round happening. Through these camps employees are advised by medical practioners to maintain and improve their health

Speck Events

Speck is a closely knit family and relations amongst the employees are very cohesive which enhance the quality of life thereby maintaining a balanced work-life .

Speck regularly conducts family get-togethers on different occasions, at various theme parks in and around the city, and also at its premises. Apart from Aug 15th, Jan 26th, Women’s Day, Speck also celebrates occasional festivals at its premises. All the gatherings are a masti - package of sports, fun and lot more. Children and spouses are also a part and parcel of their activities.


Speckians enjoying the celebrations of Speck's 25 years....

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Specktakular Specktakular

Speck Day

Speckians celebrate every year Speck Day. Here are a few glimpses of the celebrations....

Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day
Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day Speck Day
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