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Aerial Digital Camera
Digital Camera NexVue™

Picture perfect. For truly aerial digital images

The NexVue™ medium-format digital color camera offers convenient entry to aerial digital image acquisition while providing all
the benefits of direct digital capture over film-based procedures. As the photogrammetric mapping industry continues its rapid move to all-digital acquisition and production methods, NexVue™ can help companies meet the increasing demands for true digital imagery.

Built to perform

NexVue™ has been designed and built as a true high-resolution aerial, metric camera. The camera body, lens mount, CCD mount and focal plane use are designed to achieve stable interior orientation and repeatable calibration required for photogrammetric applications. The compact size, combined with high spatial resolution and accuracy, make NexVue™ ideal for use with LIDAR and other sensors such as hyperspectral scanners, for simultaneous acquisition and data fusion of multiple datasets through a single aircraft camera port. Spectrum Mapping has
extensive experience in system integration of a wide array of airborne sensors, flight management systems and direct geo-referencing systems. Users of NexVue™ will greatly benefit from this experience and are fully supported through the entire process of system design, installation and training for acquisition. Superior quality at an affordable price With over six years of successful use in the field, NexVue™ can provide affordable digital image acquisition with entry level pricing and low operational overhead. Flexible configuration options allow for application-specific solutions and a welldefined upgrade path for future Enhancements.


  • Digital camera color 39MP/31.6/18MP metric camera
  • Digital camera operator console
  • Data logger - camera interface and data Storage
  • Real-time image processing software
Camera Specifications

Sensor Resolution   18 MegaPixel/31.6MegaPixel/39Megapixel Variants.
Sensor   Bayer Encoded RGB Color CCD Sensors
Aspect Ratio   4:3.
Radiometric Resolution   12 bit.
Shutter Speed   1 millisecond to 2 Seconds.
Lens   50mm Lens and an optional 90mm Lens.
Power input   18-32V DC.
Control   Rs232.
Data Cable   100pin SCSI connector.
Software   Graphical User Interface for Camera operation and mode selection. Selectable shutter speed. Aperture, Frame Interval and data storage options.
External Trigger   Trigger from LIDAR/GPS/FMS.
User Interface   Selectable operating modes,
Data Formats   Raw, TIFF
Dimensions(mm)   115x115x254 excluding lens.
Weight   4.5 Kg.

Resolution 18 Mega Pixel 31.6 Mega Pixel 39 Mega Pixel
Pixel Size 9μm(H)X9μm(V)



Image Size




Frame Rate

600 milliseconds

1100 milliseconds

1400 milliseconds

Image Size .bmp


102 MB

125 MB

Image Size .tiff

37 MB

65 MB

80 MB

FOV -50mm lens

47.6° X 36.6°

49.45° X 38.58°

52.2° X 40.4°

Advantage NexVue™

Applications: Includes photogrammetric mapping and digital orthophoto production, remote sensing and GIS analysis. Flexible Image Product Delivery: Interchangeable filters permit simple switch between collection of natural color (RGB) and Color IR. 24-bit TIFF image output for compatibility with all image analysis and photogrammetric processing systems. Interchangeable High Quality Lenses: Adapt the camera's field of view to match the swath width of other sensors (e.g. LIDAR) with either 90mm or 50mm lenses. Select maximum ground resolution for highest accuracy mapping or increase the width of coverage for greater efficiency of data capture. Large Storage Capacity Approximately 3,000 color frames stored on a single disk set. Rapid in-flight exchange of storage media for almost unlimited capacity. Fast Frame Rate Sub 2.5 second frame rate allows acquisition of stereo imagery, even at altitudes down to 1,000ft with fixed-wing platforms. 12-bit Dynamic Range Extracts image information even in deep shadows and highly reflective regions within the same image. Imagery can be acquired under less than favorable light conditions, extending the number of flying hours. Real-Time Image Display Allows in-flight quality control of imagery. Constructed for Airborne Applications Small, ruggedized system for straightforward installation in single-engine aircraft or helicopter with small camera port size requirement. Ease of Operation Simple, clear operator interface displayed on integrated LCD screen. Real-time display of image data and histograms for review of exposure settings.
Reduced Relief Displacement Minimal relief displacement resulting in less ground detail obscured by tall structures.

Camera system comprising of a camera and camera controller can be offered as a stand alone system or can be optionally integrated with LIDAR, FMS and stabilized mount to form a complete aerial image acquisition system. Depending on customer requirement forward integration of the camera system with mapping services can be done at SSTL SBU , offering you a one stop solution for all your mapping needs.

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