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About Us

Over the last two and a half decades, Speck has acquired competency in various domains by continuous innovation and offered solutions to the Armed forces, Paramilitary forces and Civilian users, through its Business Units. One of the competencies acquired and carefully nurtured over the last 6 years is Military shelters.

Speck has a fully integrated facility for design and manufacturing of EMI shielded and fully integrated Military Shelters that can be easily adapted to the diverse requirements, facilitating rapid movement by road, rail, sea and air and almost instant deployment and operations.

These Shelters combine several unique features to meet stringent MIL / NATO standards.

Speck’s Shelters are manufactured in its full-fledged modern facility created exclusively for Shelter fabrication. Speck’s facility has the distinction of being amongst the few in Asia capable of manufacturing EMI shielded Shelters to meet stringent international specifications of its customers.

Customization is Speck’s forte and the Shelters can be made according to specifications. By adding environmental controls, sophisticated electronic systems can be deployed in any climatic or georaphically extreme conditions. What's more, military personnel can rapidly deploy such tactical equipment to any combat theater for indefinite operation from an expeditionary base.

Speck’s Shelters comply with applicable dimensional and structural requirements that standardize shelter dimensions, structural ratings, specifications, testing, corner fittings, markings, and terminology. This standardization facilitates air, sea, land, and rail transportation of shelters by carriers, shippers, and leasing companies. The Shelters comply with applicable ISO/ANSI dimensional and structural requirements.

Integration of Ruggedized Equipment:

Field military equipment such as communication, IT, control and/or power supplies that are required to work in harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures need to be suitably ruggedized to ensure reliability for mission-critical applications.

Similarly, other products that are used in military and battlefield such as Photowrite Systems, High resolution Digital Cameras mounted on UAVS , Electronic Warfare Systems and simulators are ruggedized by OEMs and engineered and integrated by Speck to enable effective use under the most demanding and harsh battlefield environmental conditions.

Speck’s customized solutions include integration of COTS and MOTS systems on mobile platforms. Speck complements this portfolio by providing turnkey platform integration services for all kinds of land vehicles (tracked or wheeled).

Speck’s capabilities in engineering solutions, and its ability to understand the needs of the military forces & deliver holistic Products & solution, has made it the company of choice by the Defence Sector.

For details contact : T : +91 40 272 60116   F : +91 40 27260278   E : dyotak@specksystems.co.in SIte Map