Military shelters
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Speck uses single width-continuous length Alluminium sheets for each panel making it weld and joint free.

Shelters’ panels are made with PUF sandwiched with single sheet Alluminium skins. Floor, roof, and wall panels are assembled with structures like profiles, angles and ISO Corners. The sandwich panels with embedded Alluminium grid structures give sufficient structural strength while still keeping the overall weight low. The sandwiched panels with Alluminium skins and PU Foam as core material are processed under thermal pressure bonding technique to ensure best bonding between the Alluminium skins and the PUF. Speck has been continuously improving its design and process efficiency, thus enabling customized solutions to its clients.

EMI Shielding

Speck Shelters meet EMI shielding integrity of more than 60db.

BC Protection

As a counter measure for operations in a biologically and chemically contaminated environment, Speck also offers shelters which are BC protected. Such BC protected shelters are equipped to provide filtered interior ventilation, for persons within the mobile shelter.


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