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RF and Microwave Subsystems

Speck Communications Group offers a broad portfolio of RF and Microwave sub systems designed, developed and manufactured in house. By incorporating the latest design and manufacturing technology with flexibility to meet each customer’s unique requirements, we deliver reliable and high quality products within a short time & at comparative prices. Our design and manufacturing team stands ready to provide solutions for the most demanding military, space and commercial applications and requirements. Some of the products include.

Trans-Receive Modules

Speck designs TR modules that operate in HF, VHF and UHF frequencies and the power output is up to 5000W max. Gain in the modules is up to 340dB in which the modules operate in A, B and C class.
UHF And VHF Power Amplifiers
Speck introduces power amplifiers that work in the range of DC-140MHz. The maximum gain that can be obtained by these amplifiers is 60dB. The modes of operation in which these amplifiers work are pulsed power and CW power.
Power Dividers and Combiners

Speck offers 2way, 4way and 8way power dividers and combiners. The frequency range of power dividers and combiners is HF to 12GHz with very low insertion loss.


Speck is a developer and producer of SP-2T, SP-4T, SP-6T and SP-8T switches with very low power consumption and insertion loss. The frequency range of these switches is from 20-200MHz.


Speck is a supplier of low pass, high pass and band pass filters in the frequency range of DC-10GHz respectively.

RF Radios
Programmable Frequency Synthesizers
Digital Reciever
Data Modems

Client Portfolio

Indian Air Force  NRSC
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