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Satellite Communication Networks

Speck Satcom Group has proven capabilities in providing endto-end solutions for establishing and operating a total satellite communication network. It includes design and configuration of network, preparing link budgets, selection, sourcing and integration of hardware and operationalisation of the networks. The scope of Speck’s activity includes:


Fixed and Transportable earth station terminals in C, Ext C and Ku Band

Mobile Terminals (0.45 to 4.5 M Antenna)on all vehicle/trailer platforms

Specialized antennas-providing stabilized platforms to meet different environmental applications, airborne, ship borne and other severe environmental conditions too.


System Design and Configuration of Voice, Data, Video, Internet, Tele conferencing Etc

Broadband Digital Services upto 100 MBPS and beyond

System design, engineering, site survey, supply, installation, commissioning, operationalisation and maintenance of Earth and mobile stations.

Our team is geared to undertake projects end-to-end, which include system integration, installation and commissioning especially networks, mobile terminals, stabilized systems etc. Speck is the right partner to many solution providers and OEMs to execute projects in India and also provide infrastructure to support them during their life time of operation.
For details contact : T : +91 91 40 27125305-6   F : +91 40 27122489   E : sanchar@specksystems.co.in SIte Map