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Today, military warfare demands a reliable, robust and relevant commnication system in place, which equips the frontline soldier with a definite head-time situational awareness and information exchange. As technologies converge effortlessly,voice, video and data integrate seamlessly to open up newer and more effective on-field communication which makes all the difference between confrontation and an emphatic, planned victory.

At Speck Systems Limited, Communications Group, our endeavor is to bridge the gap to meet today’s requirements with future digital and electronic warfare and enable our Forces to operate in the fourth dimension. We aim to provide the best of cutting edge technology in Communication, enabling (near) real-time “situational awareness” solutions.

Speck’s Communications Group - Sanchar Business Unit, offers a wide range of products and solutions targeted towards High Speed communications and Terrestrial Data Networks

For details contact : T : +91 91 40 27125305-6   F : +91 40 27122489   E : sanchar@specksystems.co.in SIte Map