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Embedded Systems and ATE

SPECK has been a leading single stop provider of hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems requirements. A group of highly qualified technocrats with sound business acumen and strong technical skills with strong hands on experience in the design, development and manufacture of microprocessor / microcontroller based systems. We develop the most innovative and state-of-the-art products for industrial applications. The embedded systems designed are fit to be deployed in the harshest of environments. Our products are designed and manufactured with best quality standards, offering platforms that are far more superior when compared to commercial off the shelf Industrial Equipment. Some of the key projects executed are

HF/VHF/UHF Signal Analyser & Demodulator system for DRDO


Wideband Surveillance Receiver & Analyzer system for DRDO


Wideband Digital Demodulator for DRDO


TANGO Project for Indian Army


PXI based ATE to HAL


DSP based Voice / Data signal generator for DRDO


Protocol Analyzer (ATE) for ECIL and HAL

For details contact : T : +91 91 40 27125305-6   F : +91 40 27122489   E : sanchar@specksystems.co.in SIte Map