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System Integration

Communications team is geared up to undertake projects end to end which includes system integration, installation and commissioning especially networks, mobile terminals, stabilized systems etc. Speck is the right partner to many solution providers and OEMs to execute projects in India and also provide infrastructure to support them during their life time of operation.

Case studies

VHF and UHF Power amplifiers to HAL

Hindustan Aeronautics LTD is the leader in Indian defence Aviation. It manufactires several airborne communication systems for various aircrafts and platforms.

One such systems contains a VHF power amplifier and a UHF power amplifier of 80's vintage design. The power amplifiers are becoming unserviceable due to component obsolescence. The failure rate of the existing models is very high due to the usage of equivalent but not so well matched components.

Speck took a proactive initiative and developed new modules with State of the Art design and successfully completed the qualification testing meeting the airborne standards. This will enable HAL to supply a new version of communication equipment lastest design and thus enhance the life of the same by another decade.

70 KW Duplexer to NARL

National Atmospheric Research Laboratory is under Dept of Space working on analysis of wind speeds and climatic conditions of Mesosphere, Stratosphere and troposphere. The analysis is very crucial input for ISRO to decide the time of launching a Space Vehicle. SPECK has developed a 70 KW RF Duplexer which is used in their high power transceiver systems.

Airborne Satcom system

Most critical air operations today require continuous communication connectivity to transfer the datafrom air to ground, especially reconnaissance and command and control missions. Limitations of HF and VHF communication force the need for satellite connectivity on the fly.

SPECK is proud to hae supplied such a network with with ku Band Satcom Terminals developed with our collaborator RANTEC Microwave to support a Prestigious airborne system project of our defence forces.

Protocol Analyser to HAL

Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd is one of the leading PSU’s supplying the defence communication equipment to armed forces. It has supplied 1 KH HF transceiver to Indian navy and Indian army in collaboration with Marconi, Italy. The transceiver has to undergo around 28 subroutine checks to validate the ATP which consumes more than 2 man days. Speck has developed an Automatic testing equipment with latest state of the art technology and the new analyser will finish the complete ATP in just 30 min and also provide the detailed test results.
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