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Battlefield or Disaster management, today demands strategic and tactical maneuvers that enable informed decisions in real time. As technology convergence becomes the order of the day, Defence forces are relying more and more on advanced battlefield & disaster management systems to analyse, plan and implement strategies that make all the difference between a confrontation and a planned victory.

UAV is one such force multiplier, which is increasingly becoming an inescapable tool for Defence and Crisis management applications.

Speck Systems understands the importance of real time access to information in mission critical situations. Expanding its horizon of its suite of solutions for Situational Awareness, Speck has invested in the talent pool of designing and developing of UAVs. Speck is the first Indian company to have indigenously designed and develop its very own BAAZ, a mini tactical UAV.

Speck's strength in UAVs lies in the fact that it is equipped with the capability of providing a single window solution to the growing requirements in both military and civil applications. With the help of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility situated in Hyderabad, India and a talent pool of engineers and professionals, Speck is able to provide a total solution right from integrating mission specific sensors, to data down links, to the capabilities of processing and transferring data in the required format.

Speck has entered into a strategic teaming agreement with UAV industry giant Israel Aerospace Industries Limited (IAI) of Israel, for manufacturing and Service support of IAI's mini & micro UAV product range in India.

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